About The Boat

About The Boat

The Nacra 15 is the World Sailing and RYA Youth Multihull class, designed in 2015 specifically to meet World Sailing's youth multihull requirements. The boat was designed my Morelli & Melvin (USA) and is built by Nacra Sailing in The Netherlands to be a smaller version of the Olympic Nacra 17 class.

The boat is 15ft long, with a mainsail, jib, spinnaker and twin-trapeze. The Nacra 15 offers the perfect pathway between junior classes and the high-performance sailing classes of the future!

The Nacra 15 is extremely versatile, proving to be completely manageable for newer sailors, whilst providing a great challenge to more experienced sailors looking to unlock the boat's full potential! The boat can be finely tuned, with rig settings such as shroud tension, mast rake and diamond tension, daggerboards which can be lifted to control the boat's lift/pitch and sail controls such as downhaul, outhaul and traveller, all of which allow a wide range of ages and crew weights to sail the boat in the full range of conditions; with sailors as young as 10 already competing internationally and crew weights ranging from <100kg to 140kg+!

Nacra 15 sailing provides the perfect opportunity to learn valuable communication, decision making and technical set-up skills in a high-speed environment; a great pathway for the future generation of high-performance sailing athletes. With regular racing opportunities in the UK and internationally, sailors, parents and coaches become part of a friendly community of past, present and future British Nacra 15 sailors, whilst making lifelong friends with sailors from around the world!

The Nacra 15/Nacra 17 pathway is also the only RYA recognised foiling pathway, with the semi-foiling Nacra 15 youth class, the exciting transition option of the Nacra 15 FCS foiling kit for sailors looking to further their skills as they progress, and the fully foiling Nacra 17 Olympic multihull class!

Technical Information

Boat Weight - 141kg

Length - 4.70m (15.4ft)

Beam - 2.35m (7.7ft)

Mast Length - 8.17m (26.7ft)

Mainsail Area - 13.8 m² (146 sq ft)

Jib Area - 3.3 m² (36 sq. ft)

Spinnaker Area - 16.5 m² (178 sq ft)

Sailors - 2

Sailor Weight - 100kg-140kg

Trapezes - Twin Trapeze

Daggerboards - Curved

RYA PY - 734